Tips for travel after COVID-19

Tips for travel after COVID-19

Tips for travel after COVID-19



HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO) — As summer is a little more than a week away, many are planning on taking a vacation.

KVEO spoke with one local health professional who says while travel is okay, there are some things you can do to protect yourself.

Nurse Practitioner, April Lopez, of the Lopez Family Clinic of Mcallen says it’s important to remember the common safety practices under COVID-19, like handwashing, social distancing, avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth and wearing a mask.

Lopez recommends when staying in a hotel room, carry Clorox wipes and gloves. While hotels are doing their best to disinfect, wipe everything down and leave shoes at the door.

When flying Lopez says that can present a huge challenge, because of the shared pressurized air, but she says wear a mask of surgical quality like an N-95 mask. If you wear a basic mask she recommends wearing two or three if possible.

“Were are still having COVID cases in Texas. We are having a lot of testing a lot of people testing positive. We have to remember that we are still having increased hospitalizations, so we cannot let our guard down guys,” said Lopez.

Lopez also recommends staying away from hotel crowds and hot spots for COVID-19, adding as a precaution you can self-quarantine after coming back from a trip.

While masks are not required, Lopez says they should be the norm, because it’s the smart thing to do, protecting not only yourself but others as well.


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