Sasa becomes social media buzz, makes fried foods less ‘sinful’ – Inforial

Sasa becomes social media buzz, makes fried foods less ‘sinful’

Sasa becomes social media buzz, makes fried foods less ‘sinful’ – Inforial


As usual, social media is always buzzing with various trending topics.

Recently, a social media account post by a leading Indonesian food company sparked lively discussion among netizens, not because it created controversy but due to its commitment to its consumers’ health amid the highly stressful time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

You might be curious to find out more about the positive news, which spread among netizens during this highly gloomy time. Here it goes:

“Driven by our constant commitment to bring people happiness through food, we have decided to return to our laboratories and continue working, not just with our in-house team members but also working together with nutrition experts to fortify our seasoning flour with nutrients, vitamins and minerals, which can be sustained all through the frying process,” monosodium glutamate- (MSG) based seasoning brand SASA president director and chief executive officer Rudolf Tjandra wrote.

The message was uploaded via a short video to the brand’s official Instagram account sasamelezatkan (Sasa Makes Things Delicious) on Jan. 19.

What is fortified food? Fortified foods help retain the nutrients — including some key vitamins and minerals — of foods that otherwise get lost while the food is being processed, especially when it is fried.

According to an article published by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, processed foods often get a bad rap in terms of their nutritional content when in fact the fortification process can help these foods provide consumers with the micronutrients they need.

.. (Courtesy of Sasa/.)

This is true especially in cases when people are so busy that they have no time to cook their own foods at home or to order organic take-outs to be delivered to their doors.  Strangely enough, a lot of homebound individuals feel during the lockdown period that they are stuck at home for a more prolonged period yet they find themselves busier than ever, taking care of household chores, family members and work assignments at the same time.

When you think about lockdown once again, you might relate to the fact how you and the people around you are craving comfort foods and snacks — mostly fried foods — more than ever to help them ease distress and anxiety while feeling out of sorts due to the long-drawn pandemic.

These “sinful snacks” need make you feel guilty about eating them no more thanks to Sasa’s newly fortified seasoning flour (locally known as tepung bumbu), enhanced with additional vitamins and minerals.

Sasa’s fortification process has also been certified by the National Food and Drugs Agency (BPOM).

Stay tuned for Sasa’s upcoming nutritional innovations, which can help consumers maintain their physical health along with the emotional comfort provided by these comfort foods in an affordable way, especially during the difficult times of the pandemic. In the meantime, now you know why you should not beat yourself up too much next time you reach out for the favorite fried snack of yours to help you gain a little happiness during these crazy times…


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