Regional water projects awarded $11M in funding – News – Uticaod


Regional water projects awarded $11M in funding – News – Uticaod


Water projects administrated by the Mohawk Valley Water Authority, the town of Schuyler and the cities of Rome, Sherrill and Little Falls were awarded millions in grant funding through the state Environmental Facilities Corporation last week.

The Mohawk Valley Water Authority and the City of Rome were each awarded $3 million, while the City of Sherrill was awarded $1.75 million. Out of Herkimer County, Schuyler was awarded $2.82 million and the City of Little Falls was awarded $458,000.

Schuyler Town Supervisor Anthony Lucenti said Friday the funding will account for 60% of the estimated cost to assist residents on Graham, Brown and Newport roads.

“The town board decided to put in for this grant because several residents came forward complaining about the quality of their water in 2004,” he said.

Lucenti the project was “put on the backburner” due to legal issues the Mohawk Valley Water Authority had at the time.

“We decided to revisit it and we’re extremely happy to be chosen as one of the top projects,” he said.

Lucenti said the town is still applying for additional grant funding to bring the cost down for the users on those roads.” “We’ll do everything we can to get it to an affordable cost,” he said.

A public informational meeting on the project will likely be held in February.

The funding is part of approximately $13 million in grants to support more than $46 million in projects in the Mohawk Valley. Statewide, the 2017 Clean Water Infrastructure Act and the state’s 2020 budget make $3 billion available for water infrastructure needs, with $416 million going to grants for communities, according to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office.

“By investing in improving our state’s water infrastructure, we are laying the foundation for regional growth and prosperity while also protecting our natural resources,” Cuomo said in a statement. “These investments in our communities will help ensure residents in every corner of the state have access to safe, clean drinking water, helping to build a stronger New York for all.”

Little Falls Mayor Mark Blask said Friday the grant is one of two the city is anticipating using to upgrade its wastewater treatment plant, as required by the state Department of Environmental Conservation. The funding will go toward the project, which is estimated to cost about $1.8 million.

“The project will add ultraviolet disinfection to the plant along with a replacement backup generator and new electrical distribution equipment,” said Blask.

Here is a breakdown of the money awarded to the Mohawk Valley region:

• Broadalbin, Fulton County: $4,200 ($2,810,000 net project cost)

• Hartwick, Otsego County: $1,564,826 ($2,608,044 net project cost)

• Little Falls, Herkimer County: $458,000 ($1,832,000 net project cost)

• Mayfield, Fulton County: $407,700 ($679,500 net project cost)

• Mohawk Valley Water Authority, Oneida County: $3 million ($10,147,000 net project cost)

• Rome, Oneida County: $3 million ($16.5 million net project cost)

• Schuyler, Herkimer County: $2,820,000 ($4.7 million net project cost)

• Sherrill, Oneida County: $1,750,000 ($7 million net project cost)


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