Re-elect Sharp to education board

Re-elect Sharp to education board

Re-elect Sharp to education board


We need to re-elect Amy Sharp to the Solano County Board of Education because kids aren’t one-size-fits-all.

In a political world filled with special interest groups and self-serving candidates, it is rare to find someone, like Amy Sharp, who acts with integrity and puts the interests of children and families first. Amy has proven herself to be a hard-working, ethical leader who gets the work done.

You will find her in the classrooms and in the schools, not just taking reports from others. She delivered on her transparency promises, her promises to change transfer procedures for special education students, and to give underserved families in Vallejo an opportunity for their children to thrive. Amy’s passion for ensuring equal opportunities for all of Solano County’s young people is undeniable. Her passion and commitment to serving special education and second-chance students in Solano County schools ensures that they are not forgotten.

I have had the privilege of witnessing Amy make tough decisions, take a stand and do what’s right even when it cost her personally. She is a caring, courageous and principled leader. Not only does Amy have the experience we need on the Board of Education, but she has a proven record of putting children and their families first. It is no wonder she has garnered such broad and loyal community support.

In a year of crisis, Amy Sharp stands out as a stable force who simply refuses to play politics with our children. We have all seen her signs that say, “Kids aren’t one-size-fits-all.” I have witnessed her use that motto as a daily reminder that the only thing that counts is setting children up for success and graduating young people with the tools they need to succeed in life.

For the Solano County Board of Education, the choice could not be more clear: We need Amy Sharp.

Join me in voting for Amy Sharp.

Rochelle Sherlock



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