Prevailion Debuts New Global Cyber Infection Quarterly Report

Prevailion Debuts New Global Cyber Infection Quarterly Report


Prevailion, a world leader in compromise intelligence, announces the official launch of the Apex Report, a new quarterly intelligence report that provides business leaders with a unique global view of confirmed cyber infections across all major industries.

The Apex Report for Q4 2019 provides a snapshot of the top 10 industry sectors, including finance, healthcare and manufacturing, as well as a geographic breakdown across all major regions. To access this report, go to

“This inaugural edition of the Apex Report provides an early look at the kind of global intelligence picture we plan to share with industry leaders going forward,” said Karim Hijazi, founder and CEO of Prevailion. “While these public reports will not disclose sensitive information, such as details which might be used to identify a specific organization, be it private sector or government, they will provide a comprehensive view of the current threat environment across all industry sectors. Apex subscribers can access the full details on each of these compromises, in order to gain actionable insights into active breaches, immediate threats within their supply chains and other emerging risks.”

The Apex Report draws from Prevailion’s unprecedented access to “evidence of compromise” (EOC) cyber intelligence, a critical advancement over traditional cyber threat intelligence models which often struggle to eliminate false-positives and therefore are less reliable for network defenders. Unlike these earlier threat intelligence methods, EOC is highly accurate because it gathers data directly from the source — the hackers’ own infrastructure. Prevailion’s Apex platform collects over one billion malicious beacons every day, as malware “calls home” to the attackers’ command-and-control servers from inside the networks of thousands of compromised organizations all over the world. This enables Prevailion to see what the attackers see, providing direct insight into the communications between infected networks and the hackers who are carrying out these attacks.

Key insights from Prevailion’s Q4 2019 Apex Report:

— 130,674 compromised IPs worldwide

— 18,138 compromised companies

— Most infected continents: 39% Asia, 24% North America, 20% Europe

— Within the US, the mid-Atlantic region presents the most attractive target for attackers and will likely remain an area with a high victim IP concentration

— In South America, the highest victim concentration is in Brazil

— The top three most targeted industries are information technology, professional scientific/technical services and educational services

— US- and Europe-based software and network security companies show the highest rates of compromise within this sector

— Colleges and universities located in Europe and Asia are the most compromised

— Manufacturing supply chain risk is highest in southeast Asia

— Government agencies in Western Europe and Taiwan have an unusually large rate of infection

— The utilities sector shows the highest level of compromise in South America

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Prevailion is a compromise intelligence company, transforming the way organizations approach risk mitigation and business decision-making. Through next-level tailored intelligence and a zero-touch platform, Prevailion provides a full view of confirmed “Evidence of Compromise” (EOC) for customers and their partner ecosystems. To learn more about Prevailion, visit


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