Orange County Government Awards Stimulus Grants to 52 Local Businesses

Orange County Government Awards Stimulus Grants to 52 Local Businesses

Orange County Government Awards Stimulus Grants to 52 Local Businesses


The Orange County Government awarded stimulus grants to 52 local businesses in its second round of pandemic-related emergency financial aid.

Each small business received $5,000 dollars in grants as approved by the Orange County Board of Commissioners.

Businesses can use the grant for expenses incurred as a result of a need to expand, preserve jobs or to accommodate required social distancing.

According to Orange County Economic Development Director Steve Brantley, 118 companies applied for the program.

Forty-two were eliminated because they did not meet requirements. Businesses that had already received COVID-related assistance from another program, such as the federal government’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) were ineligible, and only companies located in Orange County were eligible.

A committee appointed by the Board of Commissioners reviewed the remaining applicants and found 53 companies that met the requirements for the grant.

Brantley said the county emphasized outreach to women and minority-owned businesses. Of the 52 companies receiving funds, 25 are women owned and 10 are either minority owned or both minority and women owned. 

To date, Orange County’s total pandemic-related emergency financial assistance, during both Round 1 and Round 2 of grant programs, represents 78 separate awards totaling $520,131 dollars.

This money granted has been used to help support small business and agricultural ventures.

Daniel Cowan of Red Tail Grains, a small farm and mill in Mebane that grows specialty grains and legumes, said they are incredibly grateful for the support from Orange County Economic Development.

“We are definitely in need of funds during this time and this is going to help us get through,” Cowan said. “We want to give a big shout out and thank you to all of you for continuing to support us and, in turn, hopefully we can help to support others.”

According to Orange County’s press release, a reserve of approximately $194,869 dollars remains available for additional emergency small business and agricultural assistance.

To find the full list of the companies that received grants, visit Orange County Government’s website.

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