OLB Stock Hits New Point On Crypto Buzz – Own Snap

OLB Stock Hits New Point On Crypto Buzz – Own Snap


Cryptocurrencies are now more mainstream than ever and when companies make announcements with regards to accepting crypto payments, it creates a certain degree of excitement among investors.

That is what seems to have happened with the OLB Group Inc (NASDAQ: OLB) stock yesterday after the company announced that it is going to upgrade its SecurePay payment gateway and support payments made through cryptocurrencies. Investors piled on to the stock after the announcement was made and the OLB stock soared by as high as 35%.

The company announced that the payment gateway is going to support payments for USDC, DAI, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. The support is going to be available for all merchants. It is, without a doubt, major development and one that could make the SecurePay payment gateway even more popular in the coming days. More importantly, merchants will be able to accept these payments without actually spending anything on upgrading equipment.


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