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Letter: Education | Politics-local | tucson.com

Letter: Education | Politics-local | tucson.com


Kathy Hoffman, a young educator in Peoria, sat astonished watching Betsy DeVos get appointed to the highest education post in America.

With the reality of this sinking in, she did something crazy. She decided to run for Arizona’s Superintendent of Public Instruction.

I had the chance to meet her early in 2017 when she asked for signatures to get on the ballot. Her message that day was to fight for the disenfranchised students that populate our classrooms but get so little attention, English language learners ELL, LGBTQ, and special education students. She pledged to be an advocate for all students and teachers. Her message never wavered.

Now, in only a few months, she has already made good on many of these promises. She championed the removal of segregation of ELL students. It’s now a law. She supported the repeal of the NoPromoHomo law. Done.

This lady is the feel good story of Arizona, an inspiration for women, and something desperately needed in our Capitol – an advocate for public education.

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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