Great-grandson of area poet wins regional award | Free News

Great-grandson of area poet wins regional award | Free News

Great-grandson of area poet wins regional award | Free News


Riverview Middle School student Troy McDonough was recently awarded third place in a poetry contest sponsored by the Richard I. Bong Veterans Historical Center.

The contest was open to all middle school students from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Northeastern Minnesota, and Northwestern Wisconsin. Center staff read and volunteers evaluated all essays, editorials, poems, and photo essays and selected one winning artist from each grade level. This year the Richard I. Bong Veterans Historical Center asked that students share their voice on life, loss, and distance learning in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic.

McDonough seems to have poetry in his blood, as his great-grandfather Elgie McDonough was well known locally as “The Old Country Poet.” Among his titles were “Fishing Fever,” “Spring Breeze” and “School Daze.”

Troy’s father Matthew McDonough said, “I never got into poetry myself but apparently Troy has a knack for it! We didn’t really know that until this contest to be honest. It was a bit of a surprise. We are proud of him and his poem!”

The young McDonough’s poem is as follows:

“Covid 19 gotta stay clean

6 months of quarantine being kinda mean,

I’m home all day on a machine

All I’m doing is staring at a screen,

Summer break went by in a flash

now schools back and I’m feeling overtasked,

They’re handing out papers way too fast

Every class feels like a year has passed,

When I get home I unmask

I wish I could go back into the past,

I feel like a fool, can’t breathe in the school

I wish this was all just a big April fools,

It doesn’t seem fair, I’m as mad as a bear

It feels like COVID is everywhere,

If only I could stop time on a dime

Then I could turn my papers in on time,

but I play it safe

we have faith,

So when it comes for you

I know you’ll be safe from the COVID flu.”


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