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Food Inspections | Local News

Food Inspections | Local News


Editor’s note: The Eau Claire City-County Health Department checks area licensed food establishments, including restaurants and food retailers. The Leader-Telegram details “priority” violations, defined as state code violations with potential to contribute to food contamination, illness or environmental health hazard, and reports “priority foundation” violations, which support priority violations, found in routine inspections. Places that receive “core,” or noncritical, violations are marked “no priority or priority foundation violations.” A “corrected” notation means the violation was corrected during a routine inspection. More information can be found at

44 North, 1488 Front Porch Place, Jan. 9. Two priority violations: Italian dressing on the prep table and milk in a cooler are cold-held above 41 degrees (repeat, corrected); raw eggs in walk-in cooler stored over ready-to-eat melon, cucumbers and mushrooms (corrected).

Staybridge Suites, 1515 Bluestem Blvd., Jan. 10. Three priority violations: Sausage in the oven hot-held below 135 degrees (corrected); ham slices stored in fridge cold-held above 41 degrees (corrected); employees are not aware of requirement they check temperatures of any food items that will be saved to ensure they are under 40 degrees. One priority foundation violation.

Culver’s, 2021 Brackett Ave., Jan. 8. No priority or priority foundation violations.

Dhimiters, 4800 Golf Road, Jan. 9. One priority violation: Spinach pies, milk, cut tomato and lettuce in walk-in cooler not provided with date mark (corrected).

Mona Lisa’s, 428 Water St., Jan. 9. One priority violation: Using reduced oxygen packaging before variance approved (corrected).

Pine Meadow Golf Club, 4324 Fairfax Park Drive, Jan. 9. Two priority violations: Raw eggs stored over butter in prep cooler (corrected); blue cheese, tartar sauce and ranch cold-held above 41 degrees in cooler.

The Lakely, 516 Galloway St., Jan. 10. One priority violation: Raw chicken stored above raw beef in drawers near grill (corrected). One priority foundation violation.

Subway, 3915 Gateway Drive, Jan. 14. One priority violation: Windex stored on fountain pop boxes, degreaser stored on top of microwave in front food prep area by food baskets (corrected).

Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse, 4751 Owen Ayres Court, Jan. 15. One priority violation: Eggs, ham, sausage, cut tomato and yogurt cold-held above 41 degrees (corrected). Two priority foundation violations.

Cleghorn Keg, E5425 Highway V, Jan. 10. No violations.


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