Europe’s Coronavirus Outbreak Worsens, With Italy at Forefront

Europe’s Coronavirus Outbreak Worsens, With Italy at Forefront

Europe’s Coronavirus Outbreak Worsens, With Italy at Forefront


Vice President Mike Pence said Friday that the ship, with more than 3,500 people on board, would come ashore at a noncommercial port but did not say when or where.

Early Saturday, a critically ill passenger was evacuated from the ship by Coast Guard cutter, in a case unrelated to coronavirus, the cruise ship company said in a statement. The Coast Guard delivered protective equipment, including gloves and face masks to the ship by helicopter on Friday evening.

Ms. Clark, 76, and her husband, Joe Clark, 81, of Oakdale, Calif., said they had been watching the news constantly and were angry when they heard President Trump say on Friday that he preferred the ship did not dock in the United States because that would push up the number of American cases.

“As American citizens we have a right to be back on U.S. soil,” Mr. Clark said.

Ms. Clark, a retired realtor, said she was appalled. “We’re just numbers to him,” she said. On Saturday, executives from Princess Cruises said that the authorities had not yet told them where or when the Grand Princess would dock.

Jan Swartz, the president of Princess Cruises, told reporters in a conference call that she was disappointed the federal government had announced test results of passengers and crew on Friday before informing the company of them.

Out of 46 people tested for the virus 21 people tested positive, most of them crew members.

Grant Tarling, the chief medical officer of the company, said the Centers for Disease Control had not informed the cruise company how many other people on the ship, which is carrying more than 3,000 people, would be tested.

Dr. Tarling said the company believed that the virus was brought aboard the ship by a passenger from Placer County, who had boarded the ship on Feb. 11 and disembarked on Feb. 21.


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