Elect Sharp to Board of Education

Re-elect Sharp to education board

Elect Sharp to Board of Education


Our family has been in business in Fairfield for nearly six decades, and as longtime Green Valley residents, we’re excited to support Amy Sharp for re-election to the Solano County Board of Education. We use the word, ‘excited,’ because with Amy, we have a strong leader who went to the board and did exactly what she said she’d do.

She said she’d push for transparency, and she did. From making sure meeting records are accessible to monitoring spending and the budget, she brought real change. She said she’d be an advocate for special education students, and she has been. She pushed until there was an established coordinator in place to make sure these students and their families will be received in the classrooms with plans and equipment in place. Finally, she said she’d fight for programs that create new opportunities for underserved kids, and she delivered.

Amy has been an advocate for children as long as we’ve known her going back nearly 25 years. That we have a tried and true advocate for young people, who is passionate and unafraid to challenge the status quo, will continue to benefit our community for a generation.

This is not just an easy vote, it’s one we get to make with pride. Please join us in returning Amy Sharp to the post she was meant to hold.

Debra and Anthony Russo



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