Draymond Green’s place on the 2010s’ best lineup list is no accident

Draymond Green’s place on the 2010s’ best lineup list is no accident

Draymond Green’s place on the 2010s’ best lineup list is no accident


Draymond Green is one of the pioneers of positionless basketball in today’s game , so his place in Bleacher Report’s top lineup of the decade felt more like a reflection of the NBA’s innovative style of play in the 2010s than a mistake.

The exclusion of Wilt Chamberlain and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar also ruffled feathers, but the decision to include Green received the most backlash.

First, let’s start here. This list is not based on the best players at each position. If that was the case, Anthony Davis, Dwight Howard, Blake Griffin, Joel Embiid and DeMarcus Cousins would each have strong cases to replace Green.

The list is based on the best lineup, and with that being said, it’s hard to argue against Green’s placement. As the center in the Warriors’ “Death Lineup,” Green played a key role. His ability to switch and guard every position while also protecting the rim helped the Warriors maintain a dominant defense while dismantling opponents offensively. The Warriors lineup finished the 2017 NBA Finals with the highest net rating in NBA Finals history, recording a 142.0 offensive rating while stifling the Cavs with a 96.3 defensive rating.

The “Death Lineup” was one of the most popular and unstoppable lineups in basketball for five seasons. Green shifted to center, Andre Iguodala entered the lineup, the Splash Brothers occupied the backcourt and Harrison Barnes/Kevin Durant filled the other spot.

The Warriors were not the first team to popularize small-ball, but the way the team dominated has led to a shift in the NBA’s style toward positionless basketball. The Rockets are starting P.J. Tucker, who is 6-foot-5, at center now. Houston general manager Daryl Morey has even said he is “obsessed” with beating the Warriors.

Green’s impact goes beyond points, rebounds and assists. He was a three-time All-Star, five-time All-Defensive team member, and the 2016-17 Defensive Player of the Year. His place on this list was not by accident. He earned that position as a valuable piece to a lethal lineup.

Connor McGregor wants to fight Justin Gaethje, but he may have missed his chance

Connor McGregor wasted little time for speculation. After Justin Gaethje’s dominant victory against Tony Ferguson at UFC 249 on Saturday, it didn’t take long for the confident fighter to throw jabs on Twitter.

“The fans make the sport!” McGregor said on Twitter. “Watching the other night I was against going in without them. But it will be my [expletive] pleasure to display the power I possess with zero background noise for them. Its me and Justin next as Khabib is the biggest bottle fighter in the game. Guarantee it.”

Here’s the only problem with that statement: Gaethje’s side doesn’t agree. It appears that the ship has sailed, according to Gaethje’s manager.

McGregor missed his opportunity, so now he’s stuck in the same position he has been in since his loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov. He’s the third-wheel waiting his turn.

McGregor later sent out a “see you in July” tweet, implying that he could be entering the ring soon, but it’s looking like he will have to settle for another tuneup fight while Gaethje and Nurmagomedov battle.

Another Mike Tyson video breaks the internet

Mike Tyson’s first workout video felt like a tease. His latest video felt more like a declaration after he ended the clip saying, “I’m back.”

The knockout artist once regarded as “the baddest man on the planet” seems out to prove that he is still that. His uppercuts and combinations still look vicious.


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